Made this in blender and imported it to studio, feedback?

I made this in blender, which is based off of the tv show Miraculous!

(this is what it really looks like)

I’ve only made a few of the jewels as some havent fully appeared in the show yet, what do you think of it?


oh also, the glasses are under the white slot in the other photo, its just hard to see. same with the grey one that is under the blue slot.

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It legit looks really cute and detailed. Nothing to add really apart from it having a great Color Code and it being well built.

  • Great work :+1:

Wooooow! Epic! I really like it!

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Wow it’s so good.
Your making a game using this? I don’t see this tv show, or play this type of game but I play only to see this!

Yeah I’m making a game, It’s based on the TV show which is about superheros who are teenagers and have the jewels called ‘Miraculous’ Which transform their holders into heroes!

I’m an amateur when it comes to scripting however, so I’m trying to learn along the way :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can give the link of the game? I want it to save in a notepad, I want to test (when u put to public)

Honestly, it looks fine but it’s just that the shadow is not the same, overall it’s fine.