Made this map a while ago, I know I can get better at building


In a few months, I will need a few UI Designers and Programmers to help me make a game. We will succeed! I just know it!


Similar to your previous post, this category is not meant for such topics. Please make sure to read through the guidelines of the forum categories, and the forum overall. Thank you.


This post shouldn’t be here. Move it #development-discussion:cool-creations or as a Lead Top Contributor to move it for you.


Come back in a few months then to ask for a collaboration…?

I mean, not trying to sound rude or repetitive but this isn’t the correct category since you’re not actually looking for a dev-partner at the moment. Better your skills, work hard on your maps, when showcase them to the community in the #development-discussion:cool-creations tab. Once you’re satisfied with your work and have the funds to hire a UI designer and programmer then you can make a hiring post here.

Until then this would just be considered spam since you’re posting threads into a category they’re not meant to be.


Do not abuse the forum by posting your content in the wrong category. This category is for recruiting or offering yourself for work.

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