Magicalized ノ Builder + Smooth Terrain Designer

New Portfolio:


Outstanding work! I often look at Builder Portfolio’s for refrence, and oh, did I definetley get some refrence out of yours!

Great work, 100/10.

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I highly recommend you commission magicalized if you want your project to have amazing, top of the line work. I’ve worked with him on many projects including a game I’m working on right now, and he doesn’t disappoint with the final product.

Great builds and keep up the nice work! :100:


These builds look absolutely stunning! I love the diversity of all the environments and the detail put into all the buildings. It’s all so complex and vibrant. I hope you get hired in the future :smiley:

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sir do you accept %???

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He wins, I can’t compete if their are building like this :rofl:.

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@Macawmangrovve12 Appreciate it!

@StarCode_ORlNTHIAN Don’t prefer it but something could be worked out possibly

@Yusef444_MegaFan Takes a lot of time, effort, and practice - I’m still learning new things every week. You’ll start to see improvement if you put in the commitment!

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Whoa, this is simply amazing. Good job!

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