Mail Venture [ALPHA] Version 0.0.5 - The Town Update


This is the biggest update to Mail Venture yet, which includes new content, reworked stuff, new HP system and a lot more! But especially… the long awaited Obby Town!

Before getting into the update logs, allow me to explain what the new Obby Town is.
The Obby Town is just a hub for players, you don’t have to do any obstacle course in there to proceed, it is just a place to hangout and buy some items to help in your adventure. (ITEMS COMING SOON)


  • Added new death screen
  • Added mobile support (finally)
  • Added a new level: Obby Town!
  • Added a new HP system
  • Added animated NPCs and objects
  • Added new dialog system
  • Added wardrobe UI in Obby Town
  • Added 2 new badges: Obby Town and Stylish!
  • Added some new lighting in Home.


  • Fixed healing hearts
  • Fixed UIs not fitting on every screen resolution
  • Fixed camera issue in the main menu



  • Now that we finally released the update, we will start working on the Islands update. The Islands update will include a lot of new content + possibly a boss fight :eyes:

anyways heres a cool drawing of jimmy in obby town