Mail Venture ALPHA - Version 0.1.2 Community Islands Update

(Art by: @DirectDoritios)
This update to Mail Venture includes a brand new feature and a few bug fixes.

What’s new?

Community Islands is a gamemode where you can play community made non-canon islands, basically islands that were made by the community, even you can make one!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few teleport bugs which caused the player to freeze (the freezing part was intentional but we decided to change it).
  • You can no longer move during the cutscene in the Teapot King boss fight.
  • Changed slingshot sound in the boss fight.


  • @szymonkrol - Scripted community islands and fixed a few bugs
  • @starkris51 - Built the post office and the community islands
  • @DirectDoritios - Drew the game icon


After this update, there will be no more huge updates that includes a continuation of the story, from now on Mail Venture will only recieve bug fixes, some small stuff and of course islands that the community submits.
We will be focusing on smaller projects because we need a lot of funds for Mail Venture as we are planning to make a full on platformer with soundtracks, boss fights, achievements, and a lot of stuff.