Major Creations is looking for Developers! (USD)



•UI Designers
•2D/3D Artists for Banners, Icons, LOGO’s & Thumbnails.
•Music Producers/SFX designers.

We are making a game like Zombie Rush, but with aliens, LOL
Okay okay, everything started with Alien Bloxer, we wanted to make a VERY difficult and VERY detailed game, but some months after, my brother sayed that let’s make it easier, LOL, so well yeah.
We are making a lot of games, such as Welcome To Bloxburg, real life/Liberty County games, and some more!
We are looking developers for Major Creations (GROUP) not game.

So yeah, it will be a full-time/Long-time work.

We will need, for the moment like, some scary music, UI SFX & more details in DM’s (ofc, for the 4-5 games we have for Major Creations)


@Sythnaton = me, cool ;P, Builder.
@Sytnaton = my brother, very cool, Modeler.
@ccsor = my very good fren, very cool guy! Scripter.


So, we got payment for sponsoring… 50k+
And well, USD, hiring people.
Here is proof, lolololol
So well, payment will look like…
From 100-150 (max of 300 USD)
Animators = 30%
Programmer = 40%
UI Designer = 20%
Artists = 10%
If you want to know how much money is that, lemme know!
And well, I made %, but we might ask a very specific USD Payment, so yeah…


Sythnaton#4953 is my discord c:

Cya soon!

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