Major issues with ColorSequence editor

I’m trying to have a functional ColorSequence editor that doesn’t break or switch keypoints randomly.

First, every time I click on the color icon in the ColorSeuqence editor the color picker window pops up as usual. When I close the color picker, the red border stays around the color icon indicating that Studio still thinks it is open, and additionally, I cannot reopen the color picker menu. The only way to fix this is to close the ColorSequence editor and reopen it.
Second, whenever I am on a keypoint that isn’t the the very first (Time is 0) and I am dragging the mouse along the color wheel or color spectrum, the keypoint that I am editing will automatically switch to the first keypoint (Time is 0) and will apply the color I have selected to it.

I have already tried the following,

  • Reinstalling Studio
  • Restarting Studio
  • Trying the color sequence editor on different types of instances