Make 3 parts drop at once before no more drop

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    I want it so that only 3 parts can drop from my dropper until being collected before more can be spawned in.

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    I do not know what to change about my code.

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    I looked on here, but nobody has any answers.

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local replicatedstorage = game.ReplicatedStorage
local drop = replicatedstorage:WaitForChild("Drop")
local dropper = script.Parent
local droplimit = script.DropLimit.Value
boo = true

		local new = drop:Clone()
		new.Parent = dropper
		new.CFrame = dropper.CFrame
		droplimit = droplimit + 1
		if droplimit == 3 then
			boo = false
	until not boo

is this good enough?
btw put this script on your dropper (also add number value in the script)

Create a number_of_dropped variable set to 0.
Make a while loop that runs every time the number_of_dropped <4, and do number_of_dropped += 1 every time it drops.

I have got this error when using your code.

You have to add NumberValue in the script and name it to “DropLimit”. Make sure set it value to 0

as a new variable? or what. can you show this in your code?

How about tomorrow. I have to sleep

I’ll explain later

Aaaallllllright, just add NumberValue on your DropHandler and name it that I said before (Not variable, just click the “+” in the right of your DropHandler and type numbervalue then add it)

It’s 1:33 AM in my country now…

It works… it just ended up spawning way more and didnt stop. Nothing in the output.

I’ll make a model tomorrow. Ok?

Edit: @war44malk, it was my bad. I accidently set the value when it needs to stay at 0, thanks for the help.

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