Make a Billboard GUI only visible when its behind something?

Trying to create an effect where a billboard GUI outlines a ball when said ball is behind another part or terrain.

If half the ball is visible, the half that is not will have the GUI shown.

How difficult is this to achieve?

This would be a moderately difficult problem for an intermediate+ developer. This may not be the best solution, but if I were tackling the issue, I’d use some assortment of the following:

  • WorldToScreenPoint method visibility check
  • BillboardGui.AlwaysOnTop boolean property should change depending on visibility check
  • ClipsDescendants / TweenService crop your BillBoardGui when half visible (this could be annoying)

Hope that helps some. :octopus:

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I believe WorldToScreenPoint will consider an object visible even if it’s behind a part that you’re looking at.

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