Make a GUI Verification Button

Hello! Let me explain what I need help with.

I am attempting to make a teleport button that teleports a player to a different game.

When the player presses the button, it should open up a verification GUI.

The issue with this is, I dont know how to make this button open up a GUI from another screen GUI. So I cant do the script.parent.parent because it wont open up the right GUI.

Second, when they press the confirm button, I am trying to get it so that they are teleported to another game.

If anyone can help, that would be great!

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First, you can lookup a tutorial on TeleportService, Second, You would do script.Parent.Parent.ScreenGUIName if the script is in the screengui, and not in any frames, it should work.

To be sure can you send a screenshot of the explorer and the gui stuff?

I figured it out!!! Thanks for the help. I was attempting to make the teleport in the main button GUI and somehow make it work off of a remote event but that was just a waste of time because I just put it in the main “Confirm” button. Thanks though!

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