Make Chat more developer-friendly

As a roblox developer it’s currently very difficult to do anything with the chat that can’t be easily configured in the settings module (stuff like font size, chat box size, etc).

This is an absolute nightmare to work with and I really wish it wasn’t this complicated.

(Click to view full image, it gets cut off since it’s so long)


I agree 100%. It is atrocious and I wish the chat system was much better. It deserves to be better, cause right now, it’s pretty sloppy and gets hard to read at points.


This would be great to see, I’ve spent a huge amount of time trying to modify things that don’t already have settings; and I’ve found myself getting lost when attempting to follow the flow of code. It’s definitely not the clearest in numerous areas. I appreciate that it’s been made modular, but this isn’t any help when the code is as hard to follow as it currently is.

And woah, I’ve never opened all the tabs on each of the chat modules to see that, I doubt it would even fit entirely on my screen. Full credit to the team that worked on it; there was clearly lots of effort put into it, but not so much in making it easily understandable and configurable for anyone.

I don’t think there’s a problem with the number of modules the chat system uses so long as they’re organized and documented.

For the most part, implementation details are currently not documented well, and it’s a struggle to find where certain behaviors are, and where paddings, colors, sizes, and positions of elements are declared. I’m also reluctant to touch this code because I don’t want to fork chat to the point I can’t take easy advantage of updates.

In fact, even more modularization and an expanded range of settings would be useful, but these things need to be adequately documented.

There have been threads created by staff not too long in the past about what the community wants to see for customization options and other features.

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