Make Cool Creations public

A while ago, #help-and-feedback:cool-creations was made open to Members so they don’t need post approval. Because of this I believe we might as well open the category to the public. Since Visitors/logged-out users won’t be able to see it. I see no reason for it to be hidden, the cool creations there are in fact cool and deserve more exposure.


I totally agree with you. People should have the opportunity to show their creations to others if they wish so.

Cool Creations has some legacy content with swear words so I don’t think we can make it public.

We have been discussing whether we can make it viewable (not postable) to TL0+ instead of TL1+ since TL0+ users are guaranteed 13+. Same with Discussion and a few others.


These categories have just been made readable for TL0+:

  • Help and Feedback > Cool Creations
  • Discussion

The only categories that are now still restricted viewing access (higher than TL0) are:

  • Discussion > Surveys (TL1+, because of survey links)
  • Forum Feedback (TL1+)
  • Platform Feedback > Moderation Review Requests (TL2+, this category may end up being deprecated down the line entirely though in favor of a support portal)
  • Lounge (TL2+)

All other forum content is available to anyone who is 13+ with a Roblox account, they just need to log in and then they can see all of it.


Should we move out / ask authors of swear words in posts in Cool Creations to edit it out, and then make the category public?

Pros: You can link Cool Creations topics to <13 users. Cool.
Cons: Somewhat of a large upfront workload for us, but it’s only once so whatever. Also you have to be more careful of what you post in Cool Creations (i.e. no swear words) but it doesn’t look like this is a major issue, I rarely see swear words on the forum anyway.

  • Fix it and make it public
  • Keep it private to Visitor+

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Is there any particular reason Discussion is being made visible to TL0? Personally, it just feels odd having discussion being [practically] public; I’ve always seen the category as a sort of ‘privilege’ of forum [new] membership.

I imagine a few of the authors who put swears are inactive, so asking them personally might not work. And having sages/staff edit them out seems a bit too intrusive. I do not know how y’all should make it work

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Yes you can leave the details to us – just asking if we should try and do that.

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TL0 --> TL1 is based on reading posts first and foremostly and Discussion has all the interesting content. Just makes sense to let more mature people read there to rank up rather than sifting through announcements and support posts which are typically lower level responses.

I don’t see a reason to hide the contents of Discussion – forum is basically already public anyway. It’s trivial to get TL1 and someone could simply write a forum scraper from there.

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Hey! I just realized #help-and-feedback:cool-creations was just made public. Like, you-can-view-while-logged-out public. So this is solved.

So did any legacy content with swears get cleaned up after all @buildthomas ?

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Yes, a while ago afaik