Make editing "Games" a cohesive experience

As a Roblox developer, it is currently very CONFUSING to edit a game with multiple “places”. You end up with multiple roblox windows open, linked sources need to be published? Everything about a game should be consolidated in one studio window. I should be able to switch between my “Main City” and my “Icecream minigame” places just using tabs in the studio window. Linked sources should function as a local object inside of a game that doesn’t need to be published to function. When I hit publish, it should update the ENTIRE game as it is in studio.

Right now it’s confusing for people trying to get into it. I don’t want to have to go to the website to manage a specific “place” inside my game. All settings should be in studio as a part of the “game” file. All places should be in studio as a part of the “game” file. All linked scripts should be contained inside of the “game” file. Not to mention that I can’t even test how different places work together with teleports unless I upload the game to the website. not only THAT, but I cant easily limit who has access to it if it’s hosted under a group. I could put it on my profile first but then when it comes time to upload it to my group, there’s tons of manual work I’ll have to re-do to move everything over. So right now my best option is setting the game up IN MY GROUP and giving the game a pricetag of 1000R$ and hoping that none of my fans decide that’s worth getting to try my game early.

It all feels like such a poorly thought out mess that could be so well executed and could work so well in our favors as developers if the process was refined.


Is it even possible to publish a linked source to the website? Also I support - but I don’t think that the publish button should publish all of your places at once. I think I should work more like a “Levels” thing, like in other game engines. To organize it, each place is put under one window, but when multiple “places” are open from the same game, it will make a new parent tab to all of the child tabs that are present in the place/level. For example:

Sorry for my below-average graphics skills :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully, you know what I mean lol.