Make frame rotate but not the childs of it

I have a imageLabel that i want to rotate forever(i got it working) but i dont want it to also rotate the imageLabel that is inside of it, cna you help me?

you can rotate the other image label in the opposite direction

For example:

local OriginalChildRotation = ChildImage.Rotation --the *original* rotation of the child image
  ParentImage.Rotation += 5 * deltaTime --rotate by 5 degrees every second
  ChildImage.Rotation = OriginalChildRotation - ParentImage.Rotation -- This will set the ChildImage's rotation to its original rotation -minus- its parent's rotation so it'll appear as if it's not rotating at all.

(and ofc you’ll have to initialize ParentImage, ChildImage, and RunService variables)

Try parenting the children to a ScreenGui, rotating the frame, then reparenting the children back to the frame