Make head or any body parts transparency to 1 by touching a block

Hey, I was tried to make a helmet giver. When player touches a part, the helmet attached to player’s head. But I want to make the player’s head transparency to 1 because its bother the helmet model. Any ideas?

Could you provide the script, if possible?

I don’t make the script to make the head transparent yet . But do you want me to show you the helmet giver script?

Yes, that would be wonderful. Thanks.

function onTouched(hit)
	if hit.Parent:findFirstChild("Humanoid") ~= nil and hit.Parent:findFirstChild("Top") == nil then
		local g = script.Parent.Parent.Top:clone()
		g.Parent = hit.Parent
		local C = g:GetChildren()
		for i=1, #C do
			if C[i].className == "Part" or C[i].className == "UnionOperation" or C[i].className == "MeshPart" then
				local W ="Weld")
				W.Part0 = g.Middle
				W.Part1 = C[i]
				local CJ =
				local C0 = g.Middle.CFrame:inverse()*CJ
				local C1 = C[i].CFrame:inverse()*CJ
				W.C0 = C0
				W.C1 = C1
				W.Parent = g.Middle
				local Y ="Weld")
				Y.Part0 = hit.Parent.Head
				Y.Part1 = g.Middle
				Y.C0 =, 0, 0)
				Y.Parent = Y.Part0

		local h = g:GetChildren()
		for i = 1, # h do
			h[i].Anchored = false
			h[i].CanCollide = false


Add this line of code above your ‘local g’ line:

hit.Parent.Head.Transparency = 1
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Thank you! I didn’t think of this simple thing

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