Make Part Following Camera Less Sensitive

I’m trying to make my part follow the camera, but it moves way too fast. I’ve tried various things to make it less sensitive, including dividing the LookVector and dividing the entire CFrame. I also changed how often I adjusted the CFrame to no avail. Here is my code:

function LockToCamera(root)
   root.CFrame =, root.Position + Cam.CFrame.LookVector)

I call that every RenderStepped.
If you need more info or don’t really understand what I’m trying to accomplish, let me know!

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If you’re trying to make the part not move as fast as the camera and lag behind a little bit, you could use CFrame:Lerp(). You can get a pretty smooth effect that way.


Dang it, I knew it was something simple like that. Thanks so much!

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