Make Right-Click-To-Select work better with plugins

So, you may have seen the threads about my frustration with Right-Click-To-Select. I learned something new today: Right-Click-To-Select isn’t as unbearable when you are using the default tools. I never use the default tools, so I didn’t notice until now.

What is unbearable, though, is that the Right-Click-To-Select makes studio quite unpleasant any time a jump list becomes necessary when you’re using plugins.

I use an almost-unmodified version of CmdUlt 5.0.0, the only changes being the removal of FormFactor.

CmdUtl 5.0.0 change extension to zip.fbx (37.1 KB)

I’d like to use studio without having to add “if Ctrl+D breaks, you have to first unselect any plugins you’re using then use the jump list” to the list of little steps you have to remember.