Make ScrollingFrames clip their scroll bars when out of bounds


Ew! The black bar hanging down on the far right is the scrolling bar and the thing selected is its corresponding ScrollingFrame (with a height of 0). It would be nice if the black bar was clipped like the children of the ScrollingFrame.

I have something to fix this in the pipeline.

But for now, I recommend setting ScrollingFrame.ScrollbarThickness to 0 whenever you don’t want the scroll bars to show.


This is what I did for a menu that tweens in view (it starts out small). By timing it right, I was able to make the scroll bar not look like it “pops” in view.

Of course, you could also animate the width, I would assume that works fine?

Btw, some time ago I had a bug where the scroll speed of the scrollingframe was not constant (I read theres some weird broken acceleration feature…?), is this fixed or is a fix planned? Currently I listen to mouse scroll and manually set the scroll amount, so it works properly, but thats kinda hacky.

(though, I might keep my custom scroll hack anyways, because it allows scrolling in increments that are same size as the menu items - that would be a nice feature btw! along with scroll speed, ofc)

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