Make the paste button easier to see

Take a look at the paste button and its surroundings:

You can’t tell that it’s not greyed out unless you look very closely. It should be made darker or something so that it’s easy to tell at glance that it’s not greyed out.

(If you’re wondering if I click the paste button or something to be bothered by this, I don’t. I never actually click the paste button, but I use it as a reference to see if a ROBLOX object is copied to my clipboard or not.)

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Still an issue. Take a glance at these images and tell me the paste button active state isn’t hard to see:

Now compare how difficult it is to tell if paste is active or not with how easy it is to tell the same for cut/copy:

This is an issue they fixed when they made the ribbon interface.

Those screenshots are from the ribbon interface (the quick access menu to be precise). The icon in your screenshot is the same as the one in the images in the OP. In the quick access menu, the paste icon is so small that it’s super difficult to tell the difference.

Frankly, who the heck even uses the paste button over Ctrl-V?


Not me.

The effort required for this update; while very small, is totally disproportionate to the effort required to go Ctrl-V Ctrl-Z, and so check if you do actually have anything in the clipboard.

Okay Mr. ROBLOX representative

Hey; let’s put things in perspective: you come asking for a minuscule update to fix a (problem? Can we even call it that?) that, as far as we know, is only bothering you. I point out the obvious, and you resort to name calling.


Name calling? Oh, you aren’t a ROBLOX representative? I was pretty sure you were when you posted that you were so certain the effort required wasn’t worth it. If you’re not a ROBLOX representative, and have no clue of internal resources and protocols, how could you possibly determine whether something is worth working on or not?

You can’t. You’re not pointing out the obvious – you’re making baseless speculation which contributes as equally to the thread as this “name calling” I’m doing.


When it comes to personal preferences like these, I don’t see the point. If it’s something super easy to implement then awesome we should totally do that, but only if more than one person is having this issue.

From what I can tell as I worked there for the past few months, it’s a bit of a process.

Priorities are one thing. Marking off outstanding UX issues as fine is another. The inability to tell the difference between the two states of the paste button in the QAM without a long pause is clearly something that should not happen (the button changes appearances based on state for a reason).

To change the colour of the bar surrounding the paste button is, I believe, what you’re ultimately asking for. Or to edit the colour of the paste button. Am I making baseless speculation if I state that it’s going to take very little effort to change this? And that, in comparison to that effort, using Ctrl-V Ctrl-Z is far quicker and saves whoever gets tasked this update the trouble.

No, I don’t understand nor profess to know the protocols and and internal resources that govern updates and the effort required. I’m merely using a little bit of logic to think about the probable time/benefit relationship between the two options.

To change the colour of the bar surrounding the paste button is, I believe, what you’re ultimately asking for

I am asking for the comparison to go from this:

To this:

Current asset: New asset:

or something like that. Not changing the color of the toolbar – modifying the paste icon so that it’s easier to see when it’s active.

I can understand putting issues, UX or not, off for a later date, but “Ah, users can work around it – it’s totally fine and we should mark it as “okay” and ignore it until the end of days”? That’s ridiculous.

Frankly, yes - I agree that it could be made slightly easier to see.

But I don’t see that the irritation it causes for one person is enough to warrant the update. As Locard said: [quote=“Locard, post:11, topic:20047”]
but only if more than one person is having this issue.

EDIT: I don’t see the point of continuing this discussion/argument. We’ve both stated and explained each side of it.

And I want to go to bed now

“but only if more than one person is having the issue”

@Sharksie liked the OP. There’s your more than one person.

In general I don’t think it makes sense for us to argue that something isn’t a worthwhile update since we cannot judge that at all. That’s something for the staff to decide, so maybe leave that kind of discussion out of feature requests

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