Make the version UID in `About Roblox Studio` selectable

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to copy the current version of Roblox Studio.

At the moment, there are two different ways to get the version of Studio: the About Roblox Studio window and the version global. Given that version is deprecated (at least according to script analysis), the only ‘supported’ way to get the version is the About window. As a result, in order to write the version, you have to either manually transcribe the version listed in the About window, or you have to print what’s returned from a deprecated function and copy from the Output.

The the current studio version is often necessary for reporting bugs, but if it’s too difficult to copy, people will simply not include it. While they can take screenshots at the moment, that shouldn’t be the preferred option.

If Roblox added the ability to select the version UID in the About Roblox Studio window, it would improve the flow for getting the current studio version and decrease reliance upon a deprecated function.


How about RobloxVersion?

Running this in the command bar should print out the version.


I was not aware of that property. I’d still prefer that the UID be able to be selected however; expecting people to remember that presents a worse problem than the current solution.


As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to highlight or copy text from the “About Roblox Studio” property tab when copying the Roblox Studio version or trying to highlight it.

For my time on the developer forum and on the platform, I find it hard to highlight text for #platform-feedback topics or to copy and paste it. Without this, I have to go back and forth typing down text one-by-one text and have to highlight it for better reading and text visualization; this is the current behavior when attempting to do so:

This is a terrible framework within the property itself and UX behaviors as some developers like me and others rely on this for highlighting and showing it in #platform-feedback as mentioned above.

If Roblox is able to address this, it would improve my development experience and ease of text-friendly experience because highlighting and copying the text would become simpler and easier to do so instead of manually typing.


Roblox has a global function called version() which returns the client version, it’s another one of those niche unknown functions like printidentity or PluginManager

I guess you could just do


in the command bar

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version is deprecated according to script analysis.

Having the version be selectable also seems a lot nicer than having to run something in command bar and then select that.

This would be quite useful. You can’t even select it from “Diagnostics” in Studio Settings, as the input is completely disabled.

@Halalaluyafail3 I think this is the “preferred” way to do it:

at least, that's how I've been accessing it in my plugins

I’m aware of this property. This doesn’t solve the problem as it’s very obscure.

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I have to ask: did you even read the OP or did you just see this thread and think “oh I have an answer for that”? I clearly address version and the fact that it’s deprecated:

(emphasis added)

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