Make your first GFX Design!

Hello! Are you new? Do you want to learn how to create awesome GFX designs and start making them right now? Then you are at the right place! I made a quick tutorial on how to create your first GFX Design using these simple steps or watching my YouTube Video < CLICK TO WATCH!


  • Enter Roblox Studio

  • Choose any place like baseplate

  • Click the play logo located upper left corner.

  • Look on your right and you will se an explorer, if you do not see it press view then explorer

  • Open your workspace by hitting arrow next to it then you will see a model with your username, copy it. image

  • Once you copied yourself, stop playing the game by clicking the stop icon (same location as the play icon)

  • After that, press CTRL + V on your keyboard or right click anywhere in the explorer, just don’t right click on an object then paste.

  • Your character model should appear in your Explorer, right click it and select Export Selection.

    - picture from my video.

  • Save it in documents, create a file called Blender or something similar then save it in there.

  • Now after that you will need a rendering program like Blender < CLICK TO INSTALL.

  • After you opened Blender, delete the box by pressing X or Del key on your keyboard. Move yourself around by pressing Shift + F

  • Open your character’s .obj file.

  • Now your character will be grey, if you want it to get textures press the + and tick textured solid.

  • Now you should see your character textures!, select your character arm → TAB → W → Subdivide → Z → CTRL + hold left click and select half part of your arm, Z again, then you can rotate and put it in the right pose. You can set where you want to put the cursor for moving your arms etc, click the location, set origin to 3D cursor.

  • Z makes wireframe mode so you can easily select parts, Subdividing makes you can select half of the arm.

  • When you finished posing your character, heads and accesorries don’t need to get subdivied then

  • you should ready up things for rendering, you should remove background on camera icon then press the arrow in shading then you will see sky put it to transparent.

  • Once you did that, press the world icon and enable/tick ambient occlusion, enviroment lightning, indirect lightning. That should make you make realistic render.

  • Now after you set up these things, press 0 on your NUMPAD! That should make you go in camera mode. Shift + F and set up your camera where you want to render. After you set the camera. Press camera icon and RENDER!

  • Save it as image anywhere, but remember where.

    Congratulations! You just made your first render, now you can edit it in programs like photoshop or adobe illustrator! If this tutorial help I would appreciate a :heart:! If you need any help about this reply in this DevForum post.


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