Making 2D or 3D snow in your games?

Hi, so currently I am doing my project and I thought of the in-game weather system. I wanted to know, what type of snow would you prefer in games, is it 2D snow or 3D snow? I want to know your opinions on it, too. How would you like snow in-games to fly? (I mean directions, like straight, to the left, to the player direction, forwards or it could fly in all directions, so it would be realistical) It would be helpful to me and others, because I want to create the best player gaming experience for my players. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks in advance! :+1:

I would try to make 3D snow because it looks more realistic. The flying direction of the flying snowflakes depends on the weather. If it’s blizzard or windy then they should fly in the direction of the wind. If there is no winds at all then I would prefer snowflakes flying straight.