Making a cave brighter

I am making a fairly large low poly cave as part of my game, but it’s currently pitch black. I’m new to building, so I don’t know about lighting. What strategies can I use to light a large area up? Will I have to manually place torches throughout the cave?

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Well, you could lighten up the ambient to a white to make the cave brighter, or maybe add some wall torches onto the cave walls to make it looks cool.

Either way works for me when I make caves, but the ambient one is more efficient than torches, the choice is up to you. :cool:


I would open up the cave with a crevasse on top to bring natural light into it and adjust the sun with a plug-in so it would be right in-front of the crevasse. Finally, i would add sunray and play with the lighting a bit to make it look nice.

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the easiest way to do this is to turn off shadows which cause the cave to be dark. you don’t even have to change the ambient or anything

I actually tried that. I’m still debating whether I should change the ambient or remove the shadows altogether.

I really like shadows as it makes buildings feel more alive. Not sure if that’s a good idea to remove shadows… Although it would make it brighter, it would look pretty basic.

In this case, I decided to go with disabling shadows, as changing the ambient makes it hard to distinguish surfaces from each other, thus making traversing the cave frustrating.