Making a cinema but with actual animated movies

How would I show people our movies? Is there a script that would show a “video” on a part? How could I show the animated movie?

To show videos simply put a surfacegui on a part then put the videoframe object in the surfacegui

The “Video” asset was just released to the public. Read more about it here:

Unfortunately, since it’s been released only recently, they’re still testing uploads. You’ll have to use the ones that Roblox has made.

We don’t have the ability to upload our own just yet. Fingers crossed, we’ll have an opportunity to do this the near future.


I think maybe using a GUI, that you press to show some moon animation. Or you make an animation movie, upload it to ROBLOX, then use the new update where you can show videos! (Takes fewer parts I’m pretty sure)

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You know that roblox is realizing the new feature “Video Frames” But it isn’t fully obtainable , you can use only the videos that uploaded by Roblox but soon you’ll be able to publish your video and “movies” I guess . You just need to make a part then add gui and then add “Video Frame” and add video ID . Hope this feature to upload videos on roblox will announced be very soon !

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Thanks, so much! Really appreciate the information.

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