Making a connected flight plan with Trello

I am attempting to make a connected flight plan which will gather the flight details(information) from the Trello board. Every time a flight is hosted, the Trello board will have to be changed(from the cards) and when that happens, the flight plan will already be updated after a minute as it will gather information from the Trello board every 60 seconds.

Trello Board
GUI Design

I am a beginner in scripting and have no knowledge about API scripting there I require some help. My previous connected flight plan ran into a “can’t parse JSON” error even though it wasn’t touched for a year and was functional last week. Any help would be appreciated.

I’d not recomend using third-party services for these kinds of use cases. You should use messaging service instead or perhaps data stores.


So you’re essentially posting a topic that you previously posted before, but instead changing the wording of it to make it sound different? Please maintain your original threads for these kinds of issues. This one was already given an answer.

I also made a response to a Trello-based topic some time ago. It was in regards to deleting Trello cards, however the basics of the response reply (read docs, search around, so on).

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Hello! Ever heard of @nstrike159 Trello API? Use it, it is a god send for big projects. If you need assistance I can help, I was helping make a new version of the TAPI with him. Good luck!

Another thing, try to make sure everything is in one card, perhaps using JSON, It will make your life easier, and get rid of some edge cases.

If you would only be using one card, Trello is definitely the wrong tool for this. There are lots of tools for storing data besides Trello.

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