Making a game Replayable

Hi Everyone,
I have a marble obstacle course game, which has 150 stages…

The problem I have had with testers, is that once you beat the 150 stages, theres not really any reason to keep playing the game.

I’m adding a prestige system, which will let you restart from the beginning with a coin multiplier (to unlock shop items etc quicker), and also thinking about adding hidden coins that only appear after you beat the game once. Would this be enough to keep players coming back?

How would you feel about replaying through the same levels in a marble obstacle course game, but with different objectives other than just getting past it? Would this keep you engaged, or would you prefer the game to have more levels?

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maybe add like new stuff each update e.g pets

Dont think pets will make it more replayable

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Personally, I would be fine with going through the same levels, so long as there is at least one thing different.

What I would suggest to add with the prestige system is additions to the obby to the player, depending on the level. The only thing off the top of my head would be having regular parts suddenly become slippery or slowly deal damage to you so you have you go faster.
Alternatively, you could have some of the changes happen to the player instead of the obby. Examples could be a slower walkspeed, a lower jump height, etc.

Your idea with different objectives could be cool, but it would depend on what objectives you’re thinking of. For example, you could put some NPCs in a part of the parkour and add in a teleport system so you could go to a stage maybe 5-15 stages back from the NPC’s stage. That way, they would still have to work for the objective.

I hope I helped!


If your making a prestige system something that I would add to make the game more replayable would be to add minor changes to some obstacles to make them a bit harder. Every prestige level would increase the difficulty of the obby but also increase the rewards you get.

Bonus levels and challanges such as completing the obby in a set amount of time would be a good way to make it more fun for players who already finished your game once.

There are several ways that I think you can add replay value to your game - competition, rewards, and variation.


You can add replay value by adding competition, or a reason to improve your time/score, like achievements, ranks, and so forth.


You can reward players for replaying the game through similar ways that you can reward competition, but instead of for playing for a score players can search for hidden achievements, get achievements for completing a certain percentage of the game, and more.


You can add variation in the game by setting up skins for the maps, effects that change how the game is played (speed, gravity, ect.), and maybe even seasonal events that can include new maps and skins.

Hope this helps!