Making a game that takes place in a country that doesn't speak english (swear false positive)

I’m making a game that takes place in Romania, and I’d like to make the vibe feel authentic by making everything on it be written in Romanian (subtitles would appear on-screen when looking at whats written). However I’m unsure how I would get past the part where Roblox would think I’m swearing in english while the text is in romanian, as quite a lot of words can be easily mistaken (for ex. “cum” means “how”, “fac” means “I do”, sper means “I hope”, “semeni” means “You are similar to”, etc.)

Is there a way to explain to Roblox moderation that the language is not english? Or do they let it pass seeing that its clearly in foreign language? What do I do in this scenario?

I don’t think Roblox can let that words stay untagged. If that foreign language words are written in english letters, it’s possible they will get tagged. BUT! There is a way to remove chat filter from your game, but it can get you banned (maybe).

I did not imply to have chat filter removed, I meant how signs on the map will be in foreign language and I’m unsure how Roblox will react to the use of some words in the romanian language.

cum a face fac?
How do I do?
Unfortunate for you there, just don’t use them.

Quite an unfortunate case indeed. Roblox is trying to expand to other languages yet these cases are yet to be mentioned/addressed.

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