Making a handle transparent in client side?

Soo. I having a problem and I wrote a topic about this already, by destroying a tool in client side. But thing isnt expect is that. The Server Side sees that the tool is transparent as well!! So, the reason I want to make a tool handle stuff to be invisible is because I have a viewmodel already and the enemys can see our gun. So I must put it locally invisible. Is this a Bug or It was my mistake?

Doesn’t make sense. Rewrite what you’re asking for.


So, the reason I wrote this is because I dont really know how to to make a tool (that named “handle”) transparent with it’s children (a gun model) the reason I wanna do is because I dont want players to see 2 guns in the same time. So I tried transparent it. And it still didnt work. And I destroy the gun model. But the Server side is knowing a gun that it’s was destroy.

Oh ok! so i found out that, the part will be transparent only if it’s not a unionoperation! Thx, btw I recommended roblox to fix these bugs(i think bug) cuz it making you harder to edit a gun