Making a shirt with no dummy on it (SOLVED)

So basically, I want a shirt on the ground but if I were to do that it’d look like a black torso and arms on the ground with a shirt on, instead I just want the shirt.

I tried many things but the best I ever came up with was the glass glitch that didn’t even look good.
PS! Found a model named Transperantable shirt, by guess who? Konethorix! the guy I brought up, basically you just get the shirts ID then put it in a decal and put it on the torso and arms.

maybe try making a transparent part and put the shirt texture on it, and then doing that again for the sleeves? i don’t think that this would work if you didn’t make that shirt, but you could probably take a screenshot of the front and erase the background

I’ve seen this be done in Konethorixs jojo poses simulator where doppio takes off his shirt revealing he is Diavolo, he uploaded a rig of it but it doesnt work. (also note in jojo poses you can decide what player you want certain characters to be, which means it’d be impossible for your awnser)