Making a smooth flowing camera view

Does anyone know how to make the 1st person camera view slowly turn to where the mouse is point so it looks like you’re turning your head?.. Thanks let me know. From John. :smiley:

I would use lerp.

Like for example

Camera.CFrame = CurrentCFrame:Lerp(FutureCFrame, 0.5)

Something along those lines.

That’s for a set CFrame. This is actively trying to move towards the mouse so spring code.

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“Hyperant” and “Kiansjet” work but “Kainsjet”'s helped the most.

I don’t get the joke lol

It’s not a joke XD… It’s me saying they both worked but yours worked the best for me.

I think you may want to know using an ‘@’ with a name can notify that person while also being a convention for mentioning them, @Strongjohnfgamer.

Ok thanks! :smiley:

I thought it was a joke because you spelled my name wrong the second time lol

Oh lol!..

Great, not a lot of code required also.

I remember @sircfenner gave me a spring demo place file, except that was calculating for a vector3.

Regardless, here’s the place file. The code is in StarterGui, and simply moves the part in workspace to the mouse’s 3d position.

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