Making a Successful Game

Hey guys, just was wondering how can I get people playing my game after I make one, I see people make lots of profit from making games and wanted to do the same but I can only build, should I learn to script and other skills to be able to make a game solo or join/create a team to make a game? I think I have great building skills but am not sure how to apply them and make robux, any feedback is appreciaetd.


You should start off small, like building a house for the scenery! Try messing around with the lighting feature and experiment with properties. I recommend having a scripting buddy to work with you. Feel free to learn scripting, but you need to know how to balance building and scripting together!

A way to make robux are commissions! Basically building for others in return for robux.
You would have to run ads of course. (To make the game start getting players)

These are my tips, I haven’t put everything I know yet. Good luck, though!


thanks for the tips, I find everyone looking for builders to hire either only pay % or pay very low, I also never know how much I should be getting paid for my work

A tip my friend taught me when I started was to always start off with a high price. (They’re likely to say no, also don’t put it too high!) Then, narrow it down and try getting a decent price. If you start off with a low price, they might take advantage of it.


Personally, I’d join up with a team. I don’t have much experience with team and team create, but I know that having a team will help, as thus you don’t have to do everything yourself (that sounds mean, didn’t mean it to be). I am speaking from a biast point of view as I have only worked solo, so don’t fully take my advice

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noted, say a small build like a few low poly house would be like ask for like 3k and take around 1k?

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I don’t fully agree with this but it can differentiate from different people. A lot of teams I’ve been with either don’t match up standards, drop out the project within a day of time or don’t collaborate on all projects. It’s hard to find a legitimate team, that’s why you collaborate with dev friends you knew beforehand.

My advice:

Since you build, try creating models (free) on the catalog for people to use, I’ve gotten a lot of sales from models that I’ve put on the catalog.

Try creating showcases of your builds? It increases player visits and it mostly doesn’t include any scripting.

Do commissions on the DevForum or HD, even though most developers go for percentages try negotiating a price that matches both your needs. All parties should be considered.


Personally, in your position, I would start small, doing commissions for larger studios to sort of “get your name out there”.

When you are a reputable source (a title that you can establish through the aforementioned commissions), you will have a better time joining a proper studio, or even better, making your own and getting developers on board.

In terms of making a game though, skill ~= profitability. The sad truth of ROBLOX is that some of the best developers are commonly undiscovered. While skill certainly helps in moving a project along, the true determining factor in whether or not your game will be profitable comes down to the idea, the marketing of said idea, and the actual profit margin itself.


Personally I think 3k is too much for a low-poly house. You would need to check if the item is in demand or you could ask others on the devforum to consider the price of your build.


do the sales of the free models kind of get you more known?

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Yeah, that’s how a lot of people have the ‘Model Maker’ badge, it’s pretty elite and rare to get but it can get you more known.


the downside is that people can use my builds for free then instead of paying me to make one


yeah, that’s the point of it. My models are mostly greenery like trees, plants, grass etc. or even basic houses and furniture free to use.

My builds however, they have more detail, time spent and sometimes full interiors.

Obviously, this is up to you.


I have a showcase on my profile @relaxinqs the low poly house and store on the far left should I make those into free models or too much?

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If you were to ask me, I would probably use them as references of my work. So when you create a portfolio, it can be a showcase of your building capability rather than models.

Also, try sticking to pay per asset. For one house, try negotiating payment to 250-1K, this all depends on the style and detail put in the houses of course.

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okay thanks, also I have an option to join a team right now but for %, not great but I think it would actually do well and the other gui artist and scripter and very experienced is there a way I can pm you if you think its a good game idea?

Sure, you can DM me on here or on discord


Build up a following, it’ll be easier to spread information and gain attraction to your game. Display the progress via Twitter for example to get the game hyped up. If you wan’t to take a whim and you can’t get the game going, try an investor. They’re hard to reason with and you’d have to regulate the game to their terms, but it will almost always fund your game into being a front-page game.

This is not something everyone is able to accomplish because it takes time, a lot of time. Best of luck.


I recommend one of the following

  1. do a bunch of commisions for robux for like 2 months and use it too hire devs to make 2. a game, and use leftover earnings to advertise the game
  2. hire a bunch of devs but pay w/ percentage
  3. you can be a solo dev/multi skilled dev, just know it takes time and is very difficult
    Just my point of view on this but I think @anross summed it up and answered most of your questions.

honestly i think ur best shot of turning a profit is to find a private dev team , like a dedicated team where ur insured a payroll . most other options are risky in there own sense .

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