Making actually good particles in guis

I am trying to make an inventory and shop system where you can buy particle effects to put on your hands.

The problem is that just having images of the particles is really annoying, cause then i need to re take all the images of the effects just for changing the background color slightly, and in general i would prefer using something else than images, to make it feel more alive,

I have used a module that can kinda replicate particles in guis (i modified it a bit though, to improve performance and to make it look more similar to particles).

A problem is that i got no idea how to transfer the light emission. This is how it looks

The particle emitter on the right is how it should look, the middle one is the particle emitter but all light emission turned down to 0, the left one is the gui.

So anyone got any idea on how to make it look like actual particle emitters?


I would make a long wall and put the particles on it, and the camera when you press the arrow to go left/right it takes you that way to new particles, I don’t think UI is the way to do it, make sure for the camera you use a part that moves when you press the button to go left/right.

that would not fit in with the gui at all, and i would need to remake basically the entire shop and inventory system. It is also not the style i want to go for

The thing is, it would work with the inventory, nor would it ruin the shop, otherwise there’s basically nothing to do that is on the top of my head. Also, what style are you going for…

that is not right, it would not fit in at all with the rest of the guis, and it would completely ruin the shop if the effects menu was something that covered the entire screen whilst the rest of the shop is just a regular medium sized rectangle gui.

Now, back to the topic

Please answer me, what style, I can make a UI work if I have a style to work with.

i am looking for answers to how i can make the light emission property from particles work with guis so i can update the module so it is even better for displaying gui particles, you dont need to know the style of my ui to fix that. It should work on any gui