Making An AI System

I want to make an AI system. Like if players type a text in the textbox with any type of letter like “Apple” or “apple”, they will get the same answer. I don’t want the whole script. I just want to know can anyone make a script for me like if I enter a text it will output another text in another text label. But the text can be both capital or small letters. Or anyone has any GitHub resource or any Open-Source projects?


Not sure how AI fits into your problem, do you want to update a text label based on some input? If so, just update the Text property of the label with the new value.

I am pretty sure you can just use string.lower in this instance. You can even have the player type “app” and use string.find and search it in apple

I want like the HD Admin search API. Like if anyone searches “Who is LIV” instead of “Who is LIVONO5KAHN?” then it automatically answers the question “Who is LIVONO5KAHN?”.

Like “Who is LIVONO5KAHN?”

Answer: A Game Dev

or “Who is LIV”

Answer: A Game Dev

Just check if the string says “Who is LIV” and make it return the answer?

Can I find everything in this video?

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I already gave you the answer on how you the logic and answer on how you achive this. Just to reiterate:

  • Get user input
  • table.find the command (To increase speed and efficiency you could create a system that creates a tree of commands and goes through that tree every time the tesxtbox changes. It really depends on how many commands you have. If you dont have a lot of commands don’t bother with this.)
  • if command isn’t found table.foreach through entire command list and string.find or string.match the command in every string
  • execute command

I recommend you create the commands first.

Perhaps you were looking for Dialogflow, an AI developed by Google to facilitate chatbots. It’s not free, though.

Chatbots are hard to make. There are no AI libraries for Roblox. The only ones you can make right now (inside Roblox) are super primitive and not really worth making.