Making an ID for my upcoming group, any thoughts

Hello! I’m working on an ID for my upcoming studio for the higher ranks, and I would like feedback about it, thanks!

Even though it’s Rick Astley, I’m still looking for feedback, OK?


Unnecessary Disclaimer: yes I just started these kind of stuff, thank you very much

This is so good! (rick astley gives x2 multiplier)

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I have a question. Are you planning to upload it onto studio? Or, are you just going to use it as an ID you could use for example Discord.

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I don’t want another warning for a barcode in a decal

Ahh yes. Once I made a keycard ID and got a warning from Roblox. (It had a QR code for decoration but I made the QR lead to a rickroll lol)

was this made in paint
also white lines !!!