Making an player list

Hello, I’m trying to make a player list for my admin panel so you wouldn’t need to write
the whole player name, but I don’t know how should I do that.

Here is a picture:

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Make a table loop, update it on Players events PlayerAdded and PlayerRemoving.
Connect the events to creating/destroying TextButtons which fire a specifed function on MouseButton1Down event.

Also please follow this categories rules, asking for scripts without showing effort in figuring it out is not allowed.

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First its not without showing effort, I know how to script and im just needing some help.
Thank you. But should I name the buttons to the player name or something to remove the button when player left?

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That would probably be ideal yes.

Another thing you could (but not what you asked for) is a player name input box and make it use a auto-completing method, which wouldn’t require constantly connecting events and is the way I would approach this.