Making An RPG Game - Armor & Tools

Hello! I’m working on a medieval RPG game with a development team and I’m working on scripting the framework at the moment. (and a commission to finish, more of that in a different post)

I have some things done but I’m not sure how to handle equipping the armor on the character and making it work with the character + allow custom animations for the tools.

Should I just use an accessory for the armor, and for the tools use a customized toolbar?

Any other ways I could go about this?
(We are working with a custom rig that is almost finished.)

Yea honestly I have had problems with this too. I am not sure about the animations tbh but with equipping armor you can use knit and stuff for better client vs server communication and use knit to create an armor service that handles armor equipping and stuff. For the customized tool bar you can also make an custom tool handler with knit and handle the customized tool bar there.

Also here is the links for knit: Knit Documentation, Knit Github

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Me and my Development Team of 15 developers are working on a massive fantasy MMORPG on ROBLOX and I have many tips for you that you can use, I do not use tools for my weapons as I script them model based. Between different types of weapons I set them in a module to be welded, therefore if the weapon type (a string value inside the model that consist of the weap type) for example if the weap type I tried equipping was a Two-Handed Sword then in the module I have a function to weld Two Handed swords to the hand then set boolean to IsEquipped and allow allow the player to use the animations pre-setted to two-handed swords.

For armor I kinda do the same thing, I’ve all my armor in a Folder and when I pick up say like a helmet from the ground it sends a value to my plrdata inventory folder it detects that and puts it into my custom bag inventory and upon equipping it itll detect the value for that slot of the name and find the name in the armor folder and get that armor piece and equip it onto the character.

Hopefully this helped a little, I’m on my phone so I was kinda rushy and grammar isn’t that good so sorry for that lol

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