Making Cameras follow a Basepart

I want to make my camera follow a moving basepart, while keeping the ‘camera mode’ the same as if the camera was following a Seat containing the player. By this I mean, the player can still pan and zoom the camera, but the camera will pan to facing the same direction as the basepart after a few moments of not being interacted with.

The problem is that whenever I change the CameraSubject from the player’s seat to the part in question, the camera stops following the orientation of the part (although it remains centered around the part)

I haven’t tried many solutions so far other than making the part a Seat and playing around with the camera controls. I’ve looked for solutions on the devhub and on google, not found anything.

Does anyone have any ideas? Are there some Camera properties/settings I’m missing?


You could try modifying the default camera scripts. Changing the line:

local isOnASkateboard = cameraSubject and cameraSubject:IsA('SkateboardPlatform')


local isOnASkateboard = cameraSubject and cameraSubject:IsA('Part')

in the ClassicCamera script seems to achieve what you want. Nobody uses skateboards these days anyhow.


Ahhh, thankyou so much! That works perfectly! I might not set it so that all Parts get followed as such, but that’s really helpful to know.