Making Certain Parts Or Models Only Visible To Certain Lights


I’m currently trying to achieve a system where when a player flashes a light at a part/model, that part is visible. When the light is not being shined on the part/model, it is NOT visible. I have thought of magnitude checks for certain lights but I just can’t seem to get it working properly (Is not that accurate, the part just comes in and out looking badly done).

Example: A player is carrying a light, the light is shining around. Once the player shines the light in the corner of the room, they can see a part there that is only visible to the light. Sort of like a text label with the text: “Turn back”, or so.

How could I go about making this work? What methods could I use? Thank you.

you could try running a raycast off of the part that has the light, and when it hits one of these objects, make it visible
if you only want the player to see it, local script, if the whole server, normal