Making maps, Planning for a new game in a few months


I need a few tips on building while also using Blender in the process, before I hire Programmers and UI Designers for a new game I will make in a few months.


I see that you’ve found the correct topic! I highly recommend on adding screenshots of your builds rather than posting the link towards it, as having an aerial view of the build is very beneficial nor does it allow us any room for constructive criticism.


Alright. I will make sure of it soon. Thanks for letting me know!


My number one tip is to honestly just build a ton.

I started off not knowing what to do at all, and the more I started working in studio the better I became.

It’s honestly still true. Every time I work on a project I tend to learn something new that I can carry over to my next game. Try to learn a ton, and do not get caught up comparing your builds to other peoples.

Nothing kills my momentum more than stumbling across some showcase that makes me feel like my game is sub-par. Make something you enjoy, don’t worry about what others are doing.


Thanks for that! I will make sure to do so.


A tip I can give is if you need a break from the current build if its big, don’t leave it too long, as you might lose a bit of that motivation.

and try not to build things that’s not retailed to your build
im not sure of your skills or experience but that’s but my advice


Also drawing out maps and things on graph paper helps a lot too, plan where things will be, the layout of the map.

and for models it could help too, I don’t do it but I should start it would make more bigger models easier to plan out and build


Play other games outside of ROBLOX, and gain some inspiration! When I build designs, I typically draw out some concept art on paper.

Keep in-mind the theme of your game, as well. If it’s Western-themed, create assets that fit that time/theme, another example is sci-fi.


That makes sense. Thanks!


Adding on to what everyone else has said, I believe this video will be beneficial to you.


To add to what i said, if you draw on graph paper think of one square as X amount of studs say one square = a 5x5 stud square in studio