Making Multipliers

So I’m making a simulator and I’m wondering how I would make multipliers from equipped pets and ranks (they buy these with in game currency). I’ve tried just using a regular multiplier value in the player but like I don’t know how to handle it with unequipping pets and I’d need to use it if a player has x2 for the multiplier.

Simply storing a multiplier value is sufficient. If you are having different pets providing different multipliers then you should simply recalculate the value every time based on pets / levels / hard coded multipliers (example of hard coded multiplier: level 10’s get a 2x multiplier).

So like I could have like a module to control how the multipliers work then handle it on the server when using the multiplier?

A module? Not necessary - just use a function. If you store a value in a table which represents a player’s current multiplier for the multiplication and then just recalculate that value whenever it needs to be changed (because they levelled up or changed pets).

Okay Thanks for helping me out

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