Making my game playable for more players in one server


So right now i’m very stuck at something which you can tell from the title of this topic. But to make it a little bit easier for u to understand:

I have created a lot of stuff for just one player like upgrades, buildings etc.

The thing is that I want to have that for each single player. I know that this doesn’t works like duplicating it cause then the scripts aren’t working anymore. So I figured out a solution “lets just turn the max players of the game to 1 player”.

But then I tought that would not be good for my game and I will get less players to play the game cause they want to chat with friends and stuff.

If someone can help me with that I really would appreciate that!!

Thanks a lot!

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Hello, I just have a few questions. and Maybe I can help!

  • Do you want the game to be like Bloxburg for example, a player can purchase or build a house?
  • Try making a script for the model/etc to change it’s name such as:
  • Script Name can change by one, so in your script for example it should be changed with the script to add a number and to go higher and higher.
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They only can purchase upgrades to make things faster and they can buy loot. But every single player has a building for his own. So everything he/she buys then he/she will get it and not the entire server.

And maybe in the future I will make it that they can choose where they can put there stuff cause no i’m choosing it cause I programmed it ofcourse.

So do you think you can help me making this?

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I’m confused, can you explain better?

Seems like you should look into the usage of Remote Events.

The problem you are having is due to you using scripts. A script does work for all clients, so if you buy a house on a server script, all the players will have the house, this goes when buying houses as well. This is why I’d recommend you looking into Remote Events

I already know how I use remote events but when do I need to use them?

Cause when a player joins for the first time the standard building will be giving to he/she. And if that player is going to generate the selected product to sell, and another player in a other building is going to do that too then where do I need to have the remote events.

  • When they generate items?
  • When they buy upgrades?

Do I need to use remote events for both of them to make it work so the players can do whatever they want in the same server without affecting the other players?

And I have made a lot of scripts for just one person, so do they all need remote event/function?
Including server sided.