Making objects not replicate to client

My goal, is to not make the objects replicate to client. This is to free up bandwith by removing unnessasry updates. Is there any way to doing this? The parent of the object must be in the workspace

Workspace replicatedstorage player descendants lighting are all replicated to client and as far as i am aware there is no way to change this behaviour via server scripts. Why does it need to be a child of workspace? Why cant it be a child of a folder named Workspace in Serverstorage?

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There isn’t any way to do this as far as I’m aware. The next best thing you can do is selective replication with SteamingEnabled. You can also replicate things through remote events or PlayerGui (to replicate to specific players), but those solutions don’t actually have any server-sided counter part like you’re looking for.

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It’s hard to explain, but to put it shortly the server has to do calculation with the bounding boxes, which if replicated to the client, would consume considerable amount of bandwidth. I know what I’m doing is absolutely necessary.

I have an I idea but don’t know if it will work. If I delete the instance on the client would it’s properties be sent over to the client when it gets updated on the server?

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Let me just clear up a misunderstanding you have here, the server is generally weaker than the client at handling calculations for physics/collisions. You could attempt to use SetNetworkOwner if they’re objects like vehicles or projectiles so that the respective client is calculating the physics. Otherwise, I’m not sure.

As for why the server isn’t very well suited for physics jargon, it’s due to the fact the server has limited computation power to distribute to all clients on the server. You want to try to minimize your server load and load demanding things like collisions onto respective players. Hope this helped, but I don’t know exactly what you’re asking nor exactly how to do so.