Making player character's acceleration bigger

Hello, I was wondering how could I increase the acceleration of any player’s character so It could reach big walk speeds (like for example 50000) faster?

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I don’t think that is possible, you will have to script it yourself.

I’ve scripted acceleration before and it is very easy. You just have to detect whenever the player presses WASD keys and then gradually increase the walkspeed to the default walkspeed.

Once the player’s input ends for the WASD keys, you set the player’s walkspeed to 0.

I think you didn’t understand my question, player walk speed doesn’t change while a character is moving, the velocity changes, but it’s much harder to reach walk speeds bigger than 10000 with current acceleration

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What I’m saying is that you script your own acceleration. You just tween the walkspeed to what you want.

There’s no way to modify the Roblox’s acceleration. I don’t think Roblox even has one.

Would you not just change the walkSpeed which is a properties of the humanoid

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I don’t think changing the velocity is a great idea. I don’t see why changing the walkspeed isn’t a good idea. It works very well. Just put it into a local script and place the local script into startercharacterscripts. That way it replicates.