Making The Player Character Dissapear (making it invisible) Help?

So I’m working on a basic game and I need to make The Player Character (not other players) become invisible/cannot be seen by the player. If anyone knows how to make it become invisible, please reply! If you don’t know, simply don’t reply!

If you need to make the player invisible including to other players, then I suggest you use a server script to change the transparency of the character.

Something akin to a server script, or a server event triggered by the player client that does something such as:

for _, desc in ipairs(Character:GetDescendants()) do 
     if desc:IsA('BasePart') then desc.Transparency = 1 end 

If it’s a matter of turning the player character invisible without changing what other player see than the same block of code in a local script should do the trick.

Best of luck!

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Thanks ! Really helped me since I’m not really doing well with scripting.

All it takes is practice and the patience to learn, everyone has the ability! :+1:

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