Making topics in the Discussion category now only for Regular+

Hello, my name is Paul, I noticed something, Developer Forum Members can no longer make topics even through post-approval in the Discussion Category.

I appreciate the way the DevForum always keeps us up updated or allows us to create topics in other categories, but why did they restrict this to members?
I maybe a little bit disappointed in this, but I understand the Roblox Staff Team may have thought this is best for the DevForum Community, well, personally I respect their view but this is a little bit discouraging.

What is your feedback or opinion about this?

I’m not sure why they got rid of topic creation there for new members, even through post approval. Perhaps it has something to do with PA being overwhelmed by requests at the moment, so they wanted to cut down the load where it wasn’t necessary.

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Members havent been able to make to make threads in there for so long, it was only recently that they allowed people to reply to posts in there, what’s your question here?

Members can no longer request to post new topics in Discussion. You will have to wait until you are a Regular. This change was made yesterday.

Discussion requests were 1/3 of the total workload of post approval and 80%+ of requests were instantly denied for being either in the wrong category or being nonsense.

Post approval is mainly intended for Platform Feedback. Any other normally-restricted category that we allow requests for are courtesy services – not a right. Unfortunately at this time we have to make this change because otherwise it would be too frustrating and time-consuming for the team of volunteers.

PS: Post approval team is not affiliated with Roblox staff.


But isn’t it unfair they should revert that update

As mentioned, 80%+ of these requests were nonsense or not appropriate for the category, thus opening Discussion up to Members means inviting too much garbage; we want to keep Discussion a valuable category. Running these posts through Post Approval is proven to generate too much work.

There is no other option.


I understand I was just saying what I think

I don’t agree, because member can still reply to stuff, including these. So there is actually no use to making topics in the discussion category only for Regular+ to be honest.

Doesn’t the promotion algorithm (for regulars) heavily favor getting posts approved by post approval. How will this affect promotion for people who don’t have a need to post things in #platform-feedback?


The algorithm, to my knowledge, is focused on platform feedback post approval; not other categories.

I don’t get it. Post Approvals job is to check them, and good topics should be in and nonsense topics out. Also, how is that member ranks can still create topics? Is the bypass creating topics in any other category and then asking forum helpers to change the category to Discussion? Nonsense! It should be changed.

Yeah, i made a topic on that, and luckily buildthomas is on the lookout :eyes:

Yeah. I think those screen shots will show how this is all badly made.

I am sure @MysteriouslyMythical made on purpose topic in Portfolio category, later asked to move it. Good bypass! Grats to @Post_Approval team for not fixing the bug for over 2 months, if it was their idea to change it.

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No it’s not. Post approval is volunteering, not a paid job.

Discussion used to be locked down entirely. We then opened it up to PA a long time ago, and only recently had to close it again.


Stop being disrespectful – totally uncalled for. Getting your posts moved is a courtesy, not a right. Without post approval you would have no way to talk in otherwise restricted categories/posts.

Reasons for locking down Discussion at the moment are clearly described above.

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Then if it’s a voluntary job, just do what volunteers should do.

Sure, by the logic I can make a discussion topic in Portfolio category and get it moved to Discussion

Thread has taken a turn for the nonsensical