Malicious script called either "Debounce", "AdminLoader" or "Fix"

Earlier today, I came across an issue with my game right after turning on studio. As I was working on my game I saw an error in the output that a script named “haram” was erroring because HTTP requests on my game were off. After the script miraculously stopped erroring random scripts got placed into the workspace every time I joined studio it placed another script into a random part of my workspace. The scripts were either called “Fix”, “AdminLoader” and “Debounce” obviously the scripts are malicious, however, I don’t know how to tackle this. I have deleted all my plugins except for ROBLOX’s own plugins, yet, this problem still happens. Even after opening new studio games and new places it still occurred.

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Is there others in your TC, they could have malicious plugins themselves.

Yes, I did have other people with plugins in my TC, however, when I went into studio by myself in a separate game the bug still occurred.

Maybe you have a plugin or local plugin that doesnt have any buttons, so its invisible, just check everything.

Do you have anything that was inserted from the toolbox?

Yes, my friend had put textures into the game from toolbox. I solved the issue by looking inside my plugins and turns out I had “Ghost plugins”, after deleting the plugins my issue has been resolved.