Manager needed | Garland, Arkansas


Garland is a city/driving game. We have many cars up for purchase. Explore the town, get a job and get paid.


We are currently in need of somebody to manage the roleplay department, organizing it and having full responsibility of hiring staff, etc. Aswell as the main server. Your role is to manage staffing in the main server, and basically manage the whole overall roleplay server. The second part of this job is we need somebody to create social media and get us out there. By posting on a basis and basically just getting people to know us.


I am offering 5% of profit revenue.


Add me on discord!



Management Oppurtunity

Just want to point out the typo. It’s spelt ‘opportunity’.

I am interested!
Contact Me! ER | Esat.t#1409

I’m interested in the management job. I added you on discord.

My discord username is: jolyroly#8006

Still hiring! Hit me up if interested.

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Hello! I am very interested But i do not have discord but i can make a community page on “Twitter”. I have been in the managing system for a long time now.

Good Luck to those whom applied :smile:

Now hiring a assistant manager, you’ll need to be able to run social media.

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