Manager/Idea maker/Story writer (fun type of project)

Hey thank you for coming here this is a short thing i wanted to do for a few couple of robux because why not i have not seen anyone do it before!

Manager Role: i manage the team and give everyone assigned work to worm on set time dates time due and meetings to get the game running fresh also keeping track of bugs and setting it for someone to be able to do!

Idea Maker Role: This role i will give you an idea easy medium or hard there is always something in that brain of mine coming with the idea maker i will explain everything that would be needed.

Story Writer Role: Want to make a story game this role will be all for you i will make clean stories and much more that you need easy story long story the choice is yours tell me and i will do!

Story writer role: roughly :100 robux and it roughly depends on the complexity of the story and how the characters would be talking long or short

Manager Role: This depends on how i do i would not have any type of shared game with me but i will roughly charge 20 - 100 robux

Idea maker: very cheap role 30 robux for each idea you want.

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