Mandatory Comments + Ratings for All Sellable Items

In my opinion, items on Roblox that can be sold to other users for currency (T-shirts, shirts, pants, places etc.) should have the comments + thumbs-up/thumbs-down features turned on automatically, and cannot be shut off.

The reason behind this is simple: Scammers. Clothing items (Pants, shirts, and t-shirts) can be sold, and the comments can be shut off. There is no thumbs-up/thumbs-down to clothing items either, so it’s incredibly easy for scammers to scam people out of their hard-earned Robux.

Example: - Person selling Apocalypse Rising ‘Admin’ for 1000R a piece, nobody can comment saying that it’s a scam, and there’s no way to give any sort of feedback at all.

That kid has made 180$ off of that shirt in one month. Urgh.

Support! BTW He made another one…

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Maybe those TShirts are actually legit though:

Yes, it’s a stolen place, by the looks of it. Maybe just to make the admin look more authentic, and they’re still fake? Not sure.

I like where your going with this but allowing comments can be an issue for example spammers.

There is another way to get rid of scammers.

a feature where you “Vote” on if the item is a scam or not and if it gets enough attention ( x amount of votes ) it will notify a moderator and they will be able to moderate it. Now of course in order for you to “Vote” you have to give a reason on why you think it should be removed and the moderators will be able to sort through them and see what is going on. That way you can only vote once and nothing gets spammed.

So basically the report abuse system