Manel Navola ~ Music Composer



About Me

Hello! My name is Manel Navola and I’m a music composer/producer. I have been studying music for 11 years and I’ve been composing music for video games for two of them. Currently I’m studying Composition at the music conservatory of my city.


Flood Escape 2 OST
This is the biggest project I have worked on, consisting of 21 songs and counting, each of them tailored to fit a certain map athmosphere while keeping the main game feel. You can check the full OST here:

Mirror Ball
This 2-song soundtrack was made for the Mirror Ball, which was created in a 6-person team during the RDC 2018 Jam. Here you can listen to one of the two songs of the game:

Personal music production
I also produce music in my free time, most of them fit an EDM/electronic style, you can check out one of my favourites:


I usually have from six to ten hours to work on the weekends, but I’m unable to work during the week due to my studies. That said, you can contact me at any time.


Prices are negotiable, but I average around 20 USD/7.2k robux per minute of music. This amount may vary depending on the song complexity and the deadline.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum,
via Twitter at:
or Discord: Manel#5958

Thank you for reading! :smile:


love your previous works ! didn’t know you made that fe2 soundtrack

i might buy from you in the future :slight_smile:




Those tracks are really good. I especially like “Don’t Need You”.
Stephanie Kay has a really nice voice as well.

If you need a guitar/bass player or male voice, hit me up.